Download: The Grant Group Past Performance (PDF)

Howard University, Washington, DC

Subcontractor: Carnegie Corporation of New York Grant to Howard University sponsoring the Howard University Initiative on democracy, markets, communication and technology third annual 2013 Symposium on U.S. Healthcare. Event Planning Initiated January 2013-ongoing

Project Scope: Event management planning and symposium project management.
The Grant Group Project description:

  • Develop project plan including weekly activities and deliverables, social media outreach/communications plan, fundraising plan, manage catering and travel arrangements, on-line registration, on-line evaluation, recruit and manage exhibitors, recruit and manage students for event day, speaker management and coordination of all on-site activities for the event.
  • Provide routine updates to Symposium project leaders.
  • Coordinate activities with University departments supporting the symposium.
  • Conduct strategic planning sessions with Howard University leadership for current symposiumand positioning for 2014 and 2015.
  • Develop and manage event budget.
  • Develop on-line evaluation criteria.

APS Healthcare Bethesda, Inc., White Plains, NY

Subcontractor: External Quality Review of MASSHEALTH MANAGED CARE PLANS, Boston, Mass. Reviews Initiated July 2012-2018
Project Scope: Provide technical assistance and guidance in the review of performance measures selected by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

The Grant Group Project description:

  • Provide critical review and input on updating compliance review process regarding approach, documentation review, interaction with service providers and report compilation.
  • Work with individual provider organizations on performance improvement activities.
  • Review Pre-paid Inpatient Health Plans, Managed Care Entities, and Primary Care Clinician Plans in addition to HEDIS measure activities.
  • Provide technical assistance and consultation to improve systems performance.
  • Provide comprehensive report of findings.
  • Provide follow-up with providers.

Care for Kids, Primary Care Coalition, Montgomery County, MD

Quality Assurance Surveys of Private Practices serving Care for Kids recipients Surveys Initiated June 2012. Ongoing

Project Scope: Conduct quality assurance compliance reviews of private practices providing services under Montgomery County’s Care for Kids program. The findings of the survey will be utilized by government and program officials in determining compliance with contractual terms, continuance of the contract and any efforts needed to improve the level of medical care provided to low income families with children.
The Grant Group Project description:

  • Develop survey guide and descriptions of performance measures for the site visits.
  • Orient each practice to the survey process prior to on-site arrival.
  • Develop list of review documents and selection criteria for medical record reviews.
  • Conduct a tour of the facility to assess compliance with HIPAA, OSHA, Patient Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and ADA.
  • Interview providers and staff on systematic implementation of regulations, reporting requirements, EPSDT requirements, referrals to specialists, clinical tracking of tests, ancillary services, care coordination, follow-up and staff qualifications.
  • Review human resource files, provider credential files, governance bylaws and meeting minutes, strategic plan, operations manual, clinical protocols, employee handbook, and clinical procedures. In addition, registration and financial management is reviewed.
  • Develop report card of practice survey findings with recommendations for improvement.

Jacobs, Corp., Tullahoma, TN

Subcontractor: CIO SP3 Awarded June 2012-2022

Project Scope: Provide information technology (IT) services and solutions, provide effective mechanisms to satisfy new and emerging IT requirements.

Mayatech Corp. Bethesda, MD
Westover, Inc., Bethesda, MD

Subcontractor to the above companies: SAMHSA IDIQ
Awarded May 2012-2017

Project Scope: Provide services for Domain I-Feasibility, Pilot and Evaluation and Domain IV-Technical Assistance and Training task orders.

C-Change Corporation, Washington, DC

Developing a community guide to assess the level of Palliative and Hospice Care for strategic intervention.
Study Initiated March 2012. Ongoing

Project Scope: Conduct a qualitative analysis of The Grant Group’s initial study on “The Status of Palliative and End of Life Care Services in the District of Columbia” to develop a national community guide that will be utilized to assess the level of palliative and hospice care in the community. The study was commissioned in 2012 by DC Cancer Consortium. The study will be presented to state cancer consortiums to begin a dialogued on how geographic areas may assess current levels of care under the rubric of palliative and EOL and assess areas for improving service delivery and awareness of the public.

The Grant Group Project description:

  • Qualitative review of report recommendations categorizing findings to cross over to implications for provider training, cultural competency, and educational levels of staff required: best practices, and financial sustainability.
  • Participate as a member of the “Messaging Group” that is providing outreach nationally on changing the dialogue on cancer.
  • Determine “learnings” from the initial study and applications for other geographical areas in assessing access, quality and delivery of services.
  • Presentation of findings to state cancer consortiums for adoption to local communities.

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Dallas, TX

Continuum of Care Collaborative Series and Grant Writing Course Current, Project Initiated October 2011.

Project Scope: Unsolicited grant proposal funded by Komen to focus on community outreach, developing collaboratives, funding opportunities and develop community based solutions to high levels of mortality due to breast care for District of Columbia Wards 7 and 8 and Prince George’s County Maryland.
The Grant Group Project description:

  • Provide community outreach and develop public/private partnerships.
  • Develop collaborative series to bring community leaders of DC Wards 7 and 8 and Prince George’s County community leaders together to leverage community resources in decreasing fragmentation of care, providing access to care and eliminating cross-jurisdictional impediments in care for women.
  • Select and recruit attendees for the collaborative series.
  • Develop marketing approach for the collaborative series.
  • Convene and facilitate all meeting of the collaborative series and establish Access data base of attendees.
  • Select and recruit community based organizations from DC Wards 7 and 8 and Prince George’s County for the special closed funding opportunity based on the collaborative series.
  • Develop and conduct a five (5) week training course on Grant Writing for the CBOs selected for the closed funding opportunity.
  • Provide transition support of collaborative series taskforce activities to the Regional Care Consortium for implementation.
  • Provide strategic planning and initiation of Breast Health Quality Consortium activities in Prince George’s County Maryland with the Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County Komen Project Grantee.

DC Cancer Consortium

Susan G. Komen For the Cure-Continuum of Care Project

District of Columbia and Prince George’s County Maryland
Project Initiated July 2011.

Project Scope: The Grant Group successfully submitted an Grant which was awarded July 2011 to Conduct community collaborative discussions on the persistent level of Breast Cancer in the District of Columbia Wards 7 and 8, and Prince George’s County in Maryland. The Grant Group would also provide technical assistance to selected community based organizations (CBO) in the District of Columbia Wards 7 and 8, and Prince George’s County. The technical assistance will include conducting grant writing course skill development with the Community Based Organizations and conducting strategic planning with current SGK grantees and local government officials. Recommendations from the strategic planning sessions will result in new priorities for a special funding cycle generated as a result of the unsolicited proposal from The Grant Group.
The Grant Group Project description:

  • Select and recruit members for the collaborative discussion meetings.
  • Develop on-line survey assessment tools for the collaborative meetings and technical assistant courses to establish baseline knowledge levels.
  • Develop and conduct community marketing of the project with community organizations and local council members.
  • Develop strategic planning document outlining community recommendations for improving breast cancer screening and treatment.
  • Develop new funding cycle priority recommendations for Susan G. Komen for Wards 7 and 7 and Prince George’s County.
  • Conduct capacity building technical assistance courses to selected CBOs.
  • Recommend selected CBOs for the special funding cycle.

Individual Development Inc.

Quality Improvement Assessment and Organizational Development Project
Current, renewed x2 extending through 2011

Project Scope: Provide a comprehensive organization assessment including governance functions and develop a strategic plan with actionable steps to support organizational change to meet federal and local regulations for the Intellectual and Developmental Disabled residential population.

The Grant Group Project description:

  • Developed and conducted a comprehensive review of all operations and governance functions including medical services, nursing care, Habilitative treatment, training, human resource management in addition to compliance levels with federal and state regulations for IDD population.
  • Developed and implemented strategic plan with the Board’s approval to establish Senior Management leadership structure, competency based performance descriptions and evaluations; competency based orientation; revised operations policy and procedure manual and comprehensive tracking of compliance with all external reviews.
  • Provide coaching development for the Senior Managers in improving levels of performance and team building.

Provided consultation to the board chair on compliance strategies, organizational change management and risk factors.

Delmarva Foundation CMS Project

Current, contract renewed x3 extending into 2011

Project Scope: The Delmarva Foundation (DF), the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for Maryland and the District of Columbia, needed assistance recruiting and facilitating the performance of adult primary care practices for a new QIO three year Core Prevention Project.  The practices were to be divided into participating clinics receiving educational and technical support and a non-participating group as the control group. All practices were required to have electronic health records that had been certified by CCHIT. In addition, the EHR must have capability to retrieve required data points electronically. Both groups would submit data to CMS monthly on four clinical measures: mammography rates, colo-rectal screening rates, pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination rates, and influenza vaccination rates.

The Grant Group Project description:

  • Recruited safety net clinics in the District of Columbia to be non-participating and participating clinics.
  • Performed ongoing technical and educational support including a 2 hour web-based project tutorial for each participating clinic.
  • Met January 29th deadline completing education and recruitment for both categories of clinics.
  • Performed in person visits to all recruited clinics in Maryland and the District to review the project timelines and discuss any concerns on securing the structured data points.
  • Successfully secured signed participation agreements from each clinic for the 3 year project.
  • Conducted individual meetings with the clinics to review size of denominator and current documentation processes.
  • Met with IT staff at each site and the Medical Directors incorporating them into review process.
  • Secured agreement from participating clinics to implement care management processes using their certified EHR that include breast cancer; CRC screening; influenza and pneumococcal vaccination for at least 75% of their patients or patient encounters. In addition clinics agreed to provide practice identifiers including NPIs, UPIN(s), etc.
  • Submitted baseline and monthly data on time to CMS.
  • Continuing refinement of clinical preventive care interventions, reporting formats, availability of resources to improve screenings and vaccination rates.

Montgomery County Primary Care Coalition
Quality Assurance Design and Implementation Project

Current, contract renewed x3 extending into 2011

Project Scope: The Primary Care Coalition (PCC) was contracted by the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services to ensure compliance with Quality Assurance activities as outlined in Montgomery Cares Service Provider Agreements. The goal of the Quality Assurance Survey Design and Implementation project was to conduct quality assurance reviews assessing the compliance of the clinics with Montgomery Service Provider Agreements for 11 designated sites plus two homeless sites. The homeless organization had two (2) sites, a mobile van and headquarters which were surveyed with a separate tool.

The Grant Group Project description:

  • Utilized a comparison analysis table to select survey descriptors from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards, the Bureau of Primary Care Program (BPHC) Expectations, the Primary Care Effectiveness Review (PCER), Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) requirements, Department of Health requirements and the Office of Performance Review/Performance Review Protocol (OPR/PRP).
  • Designed the Quality Assessment survey tool and conducted assessments of the eleven clinics and two homeless sites.
  • Included “patient tracer methodology” in the site visit following one patient observing coordination of care during one visit.
  • Created dashboard displays of survey results and analysis for individual clinics and aggregate report for Montgomery County senior Health Department officials.
  • Delivered the final individual and aggregate reports which provided actionable information and recommendations that motivated and supported PCC and participating clinics in their efforts to provide high quality, patient-centered care.

Bailey’s Crossroad Health Care Access Project

Knit the Net Clinic Capacity Assessment Phase II-Contract completed July 2009

Project Scope: The Bailey’s Crossroads Health Access Project (BxHAP) proposed guiding a short-term project called: Knit the Net: Closing Gaps in Fairfax County’s Health Safety Net One Neighborhood at a Time. The primary goal for Phase II of Knit the Net was to assess the capacity of the Culmore Clinic, neighboring Federally Qualified Health Center-Alexandria Health Services, Inc. (ANSHI) and county run Bailey’s Health Center. The question being addressed was whether services should be extended from ANSHI and Bailey’s to the Culmore area to either support expanded Culmore Clinic services or absorb its patient base. The BxHAP initiated a six month strategic planning process to assess the clinical capacity of three area safety net clinics and the possibility of leveraging neighboring resources to meet the unmet need of the Culmore area. The Culmore area was being serviced by a start up mission based clinic open one day a week. Current patient demand had outpaced the one day a week service. The Culmore Clinic had reached the conclusion that it either needed to expand to meet capacity or risk not providing a true medical home to its patients.

The Grant Group Project Description:

  • Conducted the second phase of a community clinic capacity project in Bailey’s Crossroads, Falls Church Virginia.
  • Conducted a SWOT analysis with the Steering Committee for the Bailey’s area health group including Fairfax County Health Deputy Director and local religious community leaders.
  • Developed and conducted an organizational capacity survey based on the feedback from the steering committee.
  • The survey performance measures were drawn from the Bureau of Primary Health Care, Joint Commission Ambulatory standards and FQHC requirements.
  • Two site reviews conducted at the three clinics.
    • Conducted first site visit with the clinics as an initial get acquainted visit and preparation for the extensive interview process.
    • Reviewed the proposed survey content and process with Clinic Administrators whose input was incorporated into the final review survey approach.
    • Conducted the second site visit with extensive review of Administrative, Clinical and Financial systems including staff interviews and clinic tour.
    • Composed final report findings including research on census tracks, disease prevalence by zip code, incorporation of focus group reports from Phase I and patient demographics.
    • Composed the final report which followed an algorithm to either recommend extending resources for either both Bailey’s and ANSHI to extend services at Culmore Clinic or absorb the Culmore Clinic. The latter scenario would create an outreach post at the current site Culmore Clinic to gradually transfer patients to Bailey’s and ANSHI. Initiating a Promatora program was also recommended to help navigate the transition of Culmore Clinic patients to Bailey’s and ANSHI.

Homes for Hope, Inc.

Contracts completed July 2009 renewed x2

Residential HIV-AIDS Program
Project Scope: Homes for Hope, Inc. contracted The Grant Group to complete grant applications at the federal level, including research, composition, supporting documentation collection, editing and submission. Homes for Hope provides supportive housing to people living with chronic illness and homelessness; particularly, women and minorities affected by and living with HIV-AIDS in Ward 7 and 8.  As a non-profit organization serving homeless HIV clients in Washington, DC, Homes for Hope relies heavily on grant funding.

The Grant Group Project Description:

  • Researched subject matter for two HRSA National Library of Medicine grant opportunities: AIDS Community Outreach Project and Harm Reduction Grant Proposal.
  • Created project timeline for research, collection of all supporting documentation, draft review cycle, and final editing with checklist for submission.
  • Developed formal budgets for proposals which included securing pricing information on IT hardware and software.
  • Included an evaluation methodology and quality improvement process into both proposals.
  • Delivered final proposals complete and on time.