Senior Consultant

Maggie Holmes, MA, GPC is a Senior Consultant with The Grant Group. She has a master degree from University of Akron and over 20 years of experience in management, program development, and training, including 15 years of grant writing in the non-profit sector. She has generated million dollars in grant funds over the last 15 years. Ms. Holmes served as a national capacity building leader and trainer for faith and community-based nonprofits with the Compassion Capital Fund Initiative. She has been awarded one of the nation’s highest credentials for professional grant writer, the Grant Professional Certification (GPC). Ms. Holmes is also President of The Write Group, LLC a grant writing company.

Ms. Holmes has monitored thousands of dollars to sub-grantees (grants) from the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Office of Faith and Community-Based Compassion Initiative; developed tracking and monitoring systems for sub-grantee funds. Served as program manager and provided technical assistance and guidance to 25 sub-awards regarding Federal laws, regulations, rules and guidance as it relates to receiving federal funds; reviewed and evaluated applications and proposals for funding. Also, she has overseen contracts, grants, memoranda of agreement/understanding, and cooperative agreements management process, including issuing notices of grant funds availability and requests for proposals. Proposal development includes federal, state, and local government grants for faith and community-based and national nonprofit organizations.

Ms. Holmes is currently serving as President of the Human Services Coalition of Prince George’s County (HSC), which is a nonprofit organization working to build the capacity of the nonprofit sector. Her leadership and grant writing skills positioned the HSC to receive $500,000 grant from Compassion Capital Funds in 2010 to launch its Nonprofit Incubator in the County. Currently, she is serving as a reviewer for federal and foundation funders.